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1. Do not make personal attacks or insult each other. Be decent.

2. All posts must enable comments! If you disable them, we will delete your post.

3. If I can type your questions' key words into Google and find the answer, I will delete your post. The same goes if I can scroll back in this community a few pages and find the exact same question. This is a community for discussion. If you have a question that you just cannot find the answer to on your own, please post it and we’ll try to help you out. However, there are lots of links in the FAQ and this is not a place to post because you are feeling too lazy to find the answer yourself.

4. All ship preferences, whether they be MSR, DSR, DRR, WHATEVER will be respected and welcomed. If a person is posting a discussion of a ship, voice your opinion in a respectful manner and do not belittle people for their feelings or opinions. As well, if a person is posting, for example, icons of a ship you do not like, don't go out of your way to start nagging on that person's ship. That's not why they’re here.

That being said, please be reasonable in what you post and in the topics you bring up. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I would ask a mark of courtesy that you do not post things here that you know will cause nothing but a flame war. If you suspect that such a thing might happen, please run your post by me or post a link to your discussion with a note as to what it's about. This way, those who are interested in the discussion can head over and those who might find it offensive can easily avoid it and the temptation to become aggressive.

5. If you would like to advertise a new community here, please contact us first.

6. If you are posting images, you may leave 3 icons out from the LJ cut, but please cut the rest to spare both those on dial-up and those whose layouts might become warped.

7. Please refrain from posting:

- personal introductions. Friending memes are okay, but we have a ton of members, and introductions don't help the discussion life of the community very much.

- one line episode squeeing. If you are really loving an episode, make a post asking what people thought about it or about a particular aspect of it. We want this place to be a forum for discussion.

- episode schedules. If people want to watch, they'll seek it out for themselves.

- that you just bought DVDs, that you just saw a guy who looked exactly like Tom Braidwood, that season 5 is so totally awesome, that Mulder is so hot, etc. Let's make this a place for real discussion again.

- updates to your own communities. If people want to know when your community is updated, they will join THAT community.

- something vaguely related to the show in a really tiny and obscure way. You'll know it when it happens ;)

8. Please write in a way that allows everyone to understand you. Netspeak isn't going to go over well, and it just makes people cranky when they have to struggle to read what you have to say.

Please ensure that what you are posting is of value to the community at large and that you are not using the community when you should be using your personal journal.

We reserve the right to delete posts that break these rules, so please follow them and contact a mod if you have any questions.


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