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Spoiler Policy!

We've revised our spoiler policy due to issues that have cropped up over the past few months. Please read carefully! If you're confused, or something isn't covered here, ask us.

If you post icons to this community using a picture that could be considered spoilery in any way, please put those icons behind a cut tag, and don't use them as a preview. There have been recent on-set photos that many people do consider spoilers, and they have been used in the previews. Please just think about this before you post.

If you have an icon that has a spoiler, please don't use it in general, everyday community posts. We can enforce this rule by deleting comments, but by then the damage is done, and that's not the type of community we'd like to have. Please consider other members and their enjoyment of the movie. You might not think something is a big issue, but someone else might.

Out of consideration for others, don't bring spoilers into non spoilery discussions. For instance, if someone is talking about the series finale and whether they enjoyed it, please don't make a comment that reveals how the plot of the movie will address such and such an issue. Keep it to the spoiler threads. People who don't want to be spoiled will stay out of them.

Now, the big one -- posting and discussion spoilers.

You CAN post:
+ Interviews, magazine articles, movie write ups, etc.
+ Pictures from magazines or interviews, pictures from on set, both officially released and otherwise obtained.
+ Video clips from the movie (promos, trailers, etc) as well as video clips from set, both officially released and otherwise obtained.
+ Casting news.

You CAN'T post:
+ Rumours from blogs, blind items, etc.
+ Your friend of a friend heard that the new movie is about..., etc.
+ Casting sides/pieces of script (we have no way of verifying that they are real and we want to have actual spoilers here. Harry Potter fandom learned about these the hard way, guys.)

Regardless of the fact that something is allowed to be posted, it MUST BE UNDER A CUT TAG. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We'd like people to begin labeling their cut tags a little more specifically - give the pertinent details, but don't reveal the spoiler itself. For example:
"Video - Mulder and Scully, plot relevant"
"Pictures - major plot reveal, no major characters"
"Mulder, Scully find William - Video"
"On-set paparazzi pictures of Krycek!"

We mods are trying to remain unspoiled. You can see how this might be hard! So we've asked a friend from the fandom to look over spoilery posts and let us know if the cut tag is there and that the relevant information is included. We're hoping this will help keep everyone happy.

We are the largest XF community on LJ, but we are by no means the only one. xfiles2 is a community already set up that explicitly allows spoilers. Or feel free to make your own. You have a lot of choices, so take it elsewhere!

There is a certain point at which this is just going to have to be left up to our discretion. We're doing our best to accommodate everyone and it seems that many people want to be spoiler free, so we'll do our very best to make sure that you only see what you want to see. Thanks to everyone for their co-operation!


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